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Well Tempered Lab LTD Tonearm

LTD - $1500

The LTD is WTL's first tonearm to accomodate other turntables. The ease of mounting cartridges can not be overstated. Bolt the cartridge in, connect the arm wires, set tracking force and start playing records. No expensive protractors are necessary and there's no need to worry about the setup. Over twenty different cartridges were used to research this geometry. It works really well, even on finicky cartridges like the van den Hul Colibri.

  • 9" and 10.5" versions available (same price)
  • 10g effective mass
  • variable-damped tonearm with silicone
  • azimuth adjusted on-the-fly by rotating wheel above the golf ball
  • hydraulic arm lift
  • two counter weights included