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It's official! Eugene Hi-Fi is opening an appointment only shop in Portland, Oregon.  After working out of our homes in Eugene for 10 years, we are making the move to better serve our customers around the Pacific Northwest.  The space is on the 2nd floor and is about as close to perfect as we could ever hope to find.  It should be ready by mid September early to mid October. We will be hosting open house events from time to time so people can come in and see what is going on.  A grand opening announcement will be made when the room is ready.

Update 9/29:  There are a few small details to wrap up, but the room is already sounding good. In fact, it is real close to being ready.

WireWorld Logo WireWorld Platinum Starlight USB Cable
Eugene Hi-Fi is now supporting WireWorld digital cables. Their top level Platinum Starlight USB cable is a popular match with the Auralic Vega so we are starting there. Our journey into computer audio continues...

Auralic Vega Digital Audio Processor

The Auralic Vega has just arrived on our doorstep. This will be our first DSD DAC in the shop. We are very excited about bringing in a new line. Stay tuned for first impressions.

Line Magnetic Logo

The LM 515 is going to be a major contender in the world of CD players. It is difficult to describe because our thoughts would come off as sounding 100% over-hyped. It literally blurs the line between analog and digital, and this may be its biggest achievement.

Designed to be a one box solution for digital playback, it also offers an XMOS asynchronous USB input to access its ESS9016 dac chip for computer playback.  The output stage uses two 6zk8 tubes and has AES/EBU, BNC, optical and coaxial output connections.  

The EMT JSD 6 has been getting a lot of play on the Frank Schroder designed Artemis Labs turntable.  How does EMT do it? This cartridge sounds incredible. The TSD 15 and an A23 SUT is arguably a match made in heaven, but the JSD 6 really brings the heat.  Both cartridges are extremely fine trackers.  We've heard them play through poor pressings effortlessly, where others will either distort or just totally mistrack.  When the stylus wears out, EMT performs a complete rebuild. EMT JSD 6 Phono Cartridge

The Devore Fidelity Orangutan O/93's are one of the best values in high end speakers. Where do we start? There is just so much to love about them. Their versatility can not be understated. The O/93's are at home with both analog and digital sources. They set up on the short or long wall and are equally compelling in either position. The front baffles are hand polished to an exquisite finish. Their easy-to-drive, 10 ohm / 93 db load lets them play loud without causing the amplifier to lose its composure. In fact, these speakers love the volume. The sound is relaxed without being dull, offering true resolution over treble-based detail. The Orangutan series will prove to be a watershed moment in the history of DeVore Fidelity. They are literally legends in the making.

From Hi-Fi+
DeVore speakers are naturally and neutrally voiced, full of nuance and subtlety, and capable of conveying the natural warmth and engaging qualities of live music. They also do imaging and soundstaging like champs—in the process putting many better-known speaker brands to shame.

DeVore's relatively new Orangutan 093 is a perfect case in point; it is a speaker that can sound, by turns, sumptuous, seductive, silky, and sophisticated—the sort of speaker that makes you want to keep on listening for hours on end (meaning that, yes, I had to drag myself out of the DeVore room in order to make time to visit other manufacturers).

- Chris Martens

Leben Logo

Leben CS600 Integrated Amplifier

We first heard the Leben CS-600 at a customer's house and got a taste of what makes these amplifiers so desirable. It's definitely exciting to bring them into the shop. The CS-600 has been playing with the Devore Fidelity O/96's and those two have been delivering the goods. The blend of power and refinement is seductive. Music just flows out of the speakers in a way that is very captivating. Leben's build quality is impeccable and and the chassis size is very room friendly. It fits into a standard equipment rack. A high quality headphone output and selectable low frequency boost are also included.

Line Magnetic Logo

Line Magnetic 219ia Integrated Amplifier

The Line Magnetic 219ia has been our go-to amplifier for a couple years, so it is great to see more and more people taking notice of this 130 lb beast. Here are two interesting takes on the 219. Steve Huff has a photography blog. Recently, he stepped outside of his usual topics and expressed how much he loves his new amplifier (driving Sonus Faber monitors). Richard Austen bought his 219 and also uses Line Magnetic's 215 CD player for his front end. Click on the logos to read the complete reviews. The 219 will be with us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October.
Dagogo Logo

The sound is typical 845 with a slight 300B midrange magic present. It was quite different from the 518ia I had in my system for 3-4 weeks (loaner from dealer). It was “bigger” and more “effortless” in its presentation. Yes, effortless with my hard to drive speakers! In fact, this amp replaced a Solid State amp that was giving my speakers 600 Watts per channel! Yes, before this amp I had a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista 300 which gave 600 watts into a 4 ohm load. It was a tad muffled sounding, a bit flat, a smaller soundstage width and height ..but it did go way loud and in fact, way too loud then I would ever need. But it did not make my speakers disappear like the 219ia does. Not even close.

- Steve Huff

What the 219IA adds to the mix is a wider frequency bandwidth and a larger dynamic envelope than 300B amps I’ve heard. When you wish to go louder or play more dynamic material of any sort this amp seems to have endless reserves....Suffice it to say the amplifier drove non tube friendly and very tube friendly speakers equally well. Indeed, the finesse of the 300B with the power and drive of the 845 make for a rather unbeatable combination. Quite simply, this is a phenomenal sounding amplifier, that has rugged power combined with haunting goose-bump factor delicacy and finesse in spades.

- Richard Austen