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The Devore Fidelity Orangutan O/93's are one of the best values in high end speakers. Where do we start? There is just so much to love about them. Their versatility can not be understated. The O/93's are at home with both analog and digital sources. They set up on the short or long wall and are equally compelling in either position. The front baffles are hand polished to an exquisite finish. Their easy-to-drive, 10 ohm / 93 db load lets them play loud without causing the amplifier to lose its composure. In fact, these speakers love the volume. The sound is relaxed without being dull, offering true resolution over treble-based detail. The Orangutan series will prove to be a watershed moment in the history of DeVore Fidelity. They are literally legends in the making.

From Hi-Fi+
DeVore speakers are naturally and neutrally voiced, full of nuance and subtlety, and capable of conveying the natural warmth and engaging qualities of live music. They also do imaging and soundstaging like champs—in the process putting many better-known speaker brands to shame.

DeVore's relatively new Orangutan 093 is a perfect case in point; it is a speaker that can sound, by turns, sumptuous, seductive, silky, and sophisticated—the sort of speaker that makes you want to keep on listening for hours on end (meaning that, yes, I had to drag myself out of the DeVore room in order to make time to visit other manufacturers).

- Chris Martens

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Leben CS600 Integrated Amplifier

We first heard the Leben CS-600 at a customer's house and got a taste of what makes these amplifiers so desirable. It's definitely exciting to bring them into the shop. The CS-600 has been playing with the Devore Fidelity O/96's and those two have been delivering the goods. The blend of power and refinement is seductive. Music just flows out of the speakers in a way that is very captivating. Leben's build quality is impeccable and and the chassis size is very room friendly. It fits into a standard equipment rack. A high quality headphone output and selectable low frequency boost are also included.

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Line Magnetic 219ia Integrated Amplifier

The Line Magnetic 219ia has been our go-to amplifier for a couple years, so it is great to see more and more people taking notice of this 130 lb beast. Here are two interesting takes on the 219. Steve Huff has a photography blog. Recently, he stepped outside of his usual topics and expressed how much he loves his new amplifier (driving Sonus Faber monitors). Richard Austen bought his 219 and also uses Line Magnetic's 215 CD player for his front end. Click on the logos to read the complete reviews. The 219 will be with us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October.
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The sound is typical 845 with a slight 300B midrange magic present. It was quite different from the 518ia I had in my system for 3-4 weeks (loaner from dealer). It was “bigger” and more “effortless” in its presentation. Yes, effortless with my hard to drive speakers! In fact, this amp replaced a Solid State amp that was giving my speakers 600 Watts per channel! Yes, before this amp I had a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista 300 which gave 600 watts into a 4 ohm load. It was a tad muffled sounding, a bit flat, a smaller soundstage width and height ..but it did go way loud and in fact, way too loud then I would ever need. But it did not make my speakers disappear like the 219ia does. Not even close.

- Steve Huff

What the 219IA adds to the mix is a wider frequency bandwidth and a larger dynamic envelope than 300B amps I’ve heard. When you wish to go louder or play more dynamic material of any sort this amp seems to have endless reserves....Suffice it to say the amplifier drove non tube friendly and very tube friendly speakers equally well. Indeed, the finesse of the 300B with the power and drive of the 845 make for a rather unbeatable combination. Quite simply, this is a phenomenal sounding amplifier, that has rugged power combined with haunting goose-bump factor delicacy and finesse in spades.

- Richard Austen

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

DeVore Fidelity / Line Magnetic / EMT / Auditorium 23 / AcousticPlan / Box Furniture
Eugene Hi-Fi

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - DeVore -Eugene Hi-Fi

Our second Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was a big success. Special thanks to John DeVore for all the hard work he put into the show, John's friend Mike Smith for helping out in the room, Box Furniture for providing the best sounding racks on the planet and to Tone Imports for providing the Line Magnetic DAC and the wicked good Auditorium 23 Hommage T2 Step Up Transformer. The T2 pretty much went to the top of the shopping list and the dac is not far behind. One item that can be crossed off that list is the Devore Fidelity O/93 speakers. The show set went home with us.

The O/96's got most of the play time on Friday and Saturday, but the O/93's had their chance to shine on Sunday. We could ride off into the sunset with either of these speakers. The O/96's offer a little more bass control at the bottom and slightly clearer treble, but the O/93's give so much of the Orangutan sound that, when they were playing, we didn't get itchy for its more expensive brother once. The majority of music was played on the turntable, but the dac definitely got some playtime. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - DeVore - Eugene Hi-Fi

Press Clips from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

I wanted to include this room in my RMAF because DeVore Fidelity founder and Chris and Dale Shepherd from Eugene Hi-Fi put on what might have been the best stereo demo I've ever heard.

Overall, the sound combined the character of vintage components with the precision of the latest audio gear, and none of the downsides of either.

The Orangutan O/96 is hand-built in DeVore's factory in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, and costs $12,000/pair. The $4,450 LM 518IA amp delivers 22 watts per channel from two 845 tubes. Expensive, yes -- but at a show where components costing $10,000 to $50,000 are commonplace, this system seemed underpriced.

- Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision Magazine

Part Time Audiophile
But when I first heard the Orangutan O/96, driven by some remarkably inexpensive tube electronics from a new-to-me brand called LM Audio, I think “slack-jawed” might have best described my state of mind.

...the image is tonally dense within a large, satisfying and fully 3-D sound stage. And yes, not only does it get thumpin’ loud, but that thump would even satisfy Mike Mercer. It’s deep. And all that on a handful of watts. Cue the happy dance!

- Scot Hull

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Well Tempered Versalex EMT TSD15 Cartridge

The Absolute Sound
Moving down to the 10th Floor, I ran into John DeVore of DeVore Fidelity in the room of one of his West Coast dealers, Eugene HiFi. There, I got a chance to hear the lovely Orangutan O/96 loudspeakers ($12,000) that have been my own personal references for the better part of this year. Here, they were driven by some sweet tube electronics from Line Magnetic. The big Orangutans never fail to surprise me with their big sound, tonal richness and full frequency range reproduction. This room was like suddenly and unexpectedly coming across an old friend, and I was very tempted to stay. Suffice it to say that I’m a fan!

- Scot Hull (from Part Time Audiophile)

...on Sufjan Stevens' LP, Illinnoise, I was able to both revel in the midrange and appreciate the rare beauty with which the guitar's strings were reproduced. At least on LP, I found the system - to quote my notes - "gorgeous on baritone voices."

- Jason Victor Serinus

Brooklyn's Devore Fidelity was making great sounds in Denver. I love the look of its Orangutan speakers. It's old school and contemporary, but the sound is strictly high-resolution modern.

- Steve Guttenberg

Stereo Times
Devore Fidelity Orangutan 0/96 ($12,000/pair) loudspeakers were driven by the LM Audio 518 IA ($4,450) Integrated amplifier supported by an 845 SE tube with wonderful sonic results.  The sound was detailed, warm and very easy to relax by."

- Key Kim

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DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Speakers

The Orangutan O/96 speakers have been on our minds since we spent the weekend with them at RMAF 2012. Listening to the O/96 is a game changer. Sometimes, "Wow" is all that can be said. We've not heard a speaker that has the fullness and rich tonal colors that the O/96 speakers have. They are the most human sounding speakers we've heard, with resolution that makes it sound like there is nothing between you and the music. Schedule an audition to hear them!

Line Magnetic 215 CD Player

It's been a long time since we've been excited about a CD player, but the Line Magnetic 215 has been an eye opening experience. The 215 has the inner resolution that lets the listener emotionally connect to the music, handling the smallest of details with a finesse that is downright scary at times. Live recordings take on a new life and live music collectors should take notice. Correct spatial cues put the listener right in the middle of the hall and questionable recordings can become much more interesting. Commercially produced live recordings put the listener in the front row. Heck, it's put Dickey Betts right in the living room with the Line Magnetic 219IA and the DeVore gibbon 88's. Frankly, we don't think a $1500 turntable system could keep up.